Even as a teenager growing up in Zimbabwe, I was interested in skin care and fondly remember making masks and exfoliators from fruits, vegetables and other plants in my mother’s garden. 

Since emigrating to Canada, I have been blessed by the opportunities this country offers.  Towards the end of my career in the public sector I fulfilled a personal dream and became a certified esthetician, with additional training in aromatherapy. 

  a little about my journey of learning...

Since becoming an esthetician, I have completed a two-year diploma program in organic skincare formulation with an additional certificate in anti-aging skincare formulation from Formula Botanica, the world's leading accredited Organic Cosmetic Science School. 

In 2017 I travelled to Kerala, India to to take classes in Ayurvedic beauty treatments.  Kerala is a famous center of Ayurvedic medicine, so it was a great opportunity to study at an internationally recognized school for Ayurveda.  The Indian approach to skin care and spa treatments is inspiring, and I often incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in my aesthetic practice.

 exceptional simplicity...

For most people I believe a complex, multi products regime is not necessary for healthy glowing skin.  For this reason I embrace the concept of "skiniminimalism" (minimalist skin care). We are more likely to commit to a skin care regime if its uncomplicated, and multiple products don't take over our bathroom counter.  More is just more!

Using my experience and formulation knowledge I have created exceptional products that deliver glowing skin, with the added benefit of anti-aging properties using a “less is more” approach.


helping a "sister in need"...

Giving back, being eco conscious and being part of a caring community defines my life.  For these reasons I want Adelphie Natural Skin Care to provide you with an enhanced brand experience beyond outstanding natural skin care.  To support our customer’s desire to do good for the planet and give back to people less fortunate than themselves, Adelphie contributes to local woman’s causes and the Daughters of Destiny Project in India.  This organization lifts impoverished girls from the lowest socio-economic classes and provides them with an education from KG through university.

Taking care of yourself with Adelphie Skin Care benefits a “sister in need”. 

Together we can make powerful changes in the lives of girls all over the world.


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